Smart Constructions

Web Design

Client Situation

Ever faced with a situation when you know that you have a good website, but isn’t quite good enough? It can be tough to put your finger on, but somewhere, you know that your online existence doesn’t exactly mirror who you are as a company. That was the situation for Smart construction, a Jizan based construction firm with a national presence, who had a website that was fine but didn’t match the superior standards of the physical properties they typically put their name on.

How we Helped

Smart Construction had very clearly defined goals when they approached Blurbium, but those goals did not directly translate into the language of Web. Our team identified specific content that would inform the user’s understanding of the SCT brand and encourage them to engage with the company online.

We helped retain and amplify any and all information that Smart Construction wanted to port over from their previous site. Together we created a modern, mobile-friendly approach to Smart Construction without losing sight of their core business values.

Website Design