Al Theqa International Holding

Brand Identity, Website Development, Stationery

In the Beginning

A self-motivated and young entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia who moves away from his family business and starts individual business units to cater to various needs of the Saudi Arabia. After successfully establishing four separate business units with each of them complimenting one another. The quick realization that all the business units needed to be under one Brand brought Al Theqa Holding to search for the perfect branding consultant and that is how they came to meet our team in Saudi Arabia. Al Theqa team was very specific that their brand had to signify trust and confidence.

When Blurbium stepped in

We took a practical approach to designing the building blocks of the Al Theqa brand. We had multiple iterations of the logo to finally come to a brand identity that tries to project the ambitious yet progressive nature of the brand. The meaning of Al Theqa in Arabic is Trust. The handshake with rook signifies the elements of trust and stability, and the wings adds the confidence factor. The color of gold is the color of extravagance, wealth, grandeur, and prosperity. Also, being a warm color it exudes somber and traditional characteristics. Each of the business units were given separate colors to keep it distinct from each other, but ensuring that all the elements were in sync with each other.

The Logo

The handshake with rook signifies trust and stability. The wings adds the confidence factor.

Color Palette